3 Must-Have Bike Shorts on a Budget

Bike shorts are one of the biggest trends this summer. In my search to find the perfect pair of bike shorts, I found that there are two categories. The first category of bike shorts are affordable (in the $20-$35 range), soft, but see-through (who wants that?!). The second category of bike shorts are more expensive (in the $55 -$80 range), but won’t show your underwear as you’re walking down the street.

So why the difference? Does that mean all affordable bike shorts will be see-through? The answer is no. Bike shorts made with nylon, polyester, elastane, or spandex are less likely to be see-through whereas bike shorts made with cotton are more likely to be see-through. The trick is to find affordable bike shorts made with nylon, polyester, etc. This can be especially hard because sales on bike shorts are few and far between at the moment.

Luckily, I’ve done the heavy-lifting and found 3 pairs of bike shorts that won’t be see-through and most importantly, won’t break the bank.

1. Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Compression Bermuda Shorts For Women – 8-Inch Inseam – $24.99

biker shorts

2. Garage Ultra High Rise Bike Short – $19.95

bike short

3. Tnalife Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7” Short – $38

bike shorts

And which shorts am I wearing?

I’m wearing the 8″ Align Shorts from Lululemon. They are originally $58 but I got them for $43.50 because Lululemon offers 25% off all items for healthcare workers. The shorts were just a tad bit too long on me so I had them hemmed to a 7″ length. Tip: Lululemon offers free hemming! This includes shirts, not just pants. And you don’t have to have the tag still on to get them hemmed.

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