Real Gold Necklaces Without the Real Gold Price

Gold necklaces are extremely popular right now. Take one look at any influencer’s Instagram and chances are they will be wearing a gold necklace. Whether layered or worn alone, a good gold necklace can elevate your entire outfit. It’s no wonder why they are so popular.

So where can you find these trendy gold necklaces that everyone is wearing? And most importantly, where can you get the best deal on them?

Well, you can get gold coloured necklaces. They’re not real gold, but you can find ok gold coloured necklaces for reasonable prices.

But, after some more digging, I found gold plated / filled necklaces for the same price as gold coloured ones. I’ve listed a few of my favourite finds below so that you can jump on the trend with real gold necklaces at hard-to-believe prices.

St. Benedict Necklace from Etsy$35.24 $28.19

Not only is this necklace from a Canada-based seller, both the pendant and necklace are 18k gold-filled. It’s rare to find a gold-filled necklace at this price.

Gold Rectangle Link Necklace from Etsy$33

Link/paperclip necklaces are huge this year. This 14k gold-plated necklace is almost identical to the one from Mejuri, which costs $120.

24k Gold Filled Chain Simple Everyday Layering Necklace from Etsy$9.58

The price says it all. Where else are you going to find a 24k gold-filled necklace for this price?

Gold Butterfly Necklace from Etsy$30.32

Butterfly accessories are the biggest trend at the moment. I’ve been seeing butterfly hair clips, earrings, and necklaces everywhere. This 90’s trend is giving me all kinds of nostalgia, and I am here for it. This necklace is 14k gold-plated, but you can also purchase it in 14k gold-filled for an extra $25-ish. What’s even better is you can enter promo code LUXEFORLESS15 to get an additional 15% off.

Rope Chain Necklace from Etsy$29.99

This 10k gold-plated necklace is versatile and can be worn with your biker shorts while running errands or a dress while out for date night. My favourite way to wear necklaces like these are at happy hour on girl’s night.

Valkyria Necklaces Set of 2 from Simons$59

Sometimes finding the perfect necklaces to layer together is difficult. I love that these 14k gold-plated necklaces were made so that they will hang perfectly when worn together but also look great when worn apart.

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