Abandoned Cart Discount Code Trick

For online stores, abandoned carts are a huge issue that contributes to lost sales. An abandoned cart is when a potential customer adds an item to their shopping cart but does not follow through with a buy. Some say that as many as 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Obviously this is a problem for the retailer, but why should we as shoppers care about this?

Well, retailers want to draw us back and secure the purchase and sometimes they will give us additional discounts to do so. So, how do we get these additional discounts?

When you’re ready to check out after adding all the items you want into your shopping cart, just click out of your web browser. Make sure that you are either logged into your account or have given them your email address at the checkout stage, otherwise they will have no way to contact you with the code.

I tried this with Etsy and was sent this to my inbox later the same day.

coupon code

This may not work at every store but there’s definitely no harm in trying. If you tried this and it worked, leave me a comment to let me know which store worked for you.

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