How to Make Your Budget Outfit Look Expensive

The question with every budget outfit is how you can make it look more expensive than it actually is. Personally, I have a lot of fun having my friends guess how much I spent on an outfit and then shocking them with the actual amount.

So, I’m here to help you out. I’ve listed a few of my go-to tricks that make every single one of my budget buys look luxe.

1. Tailor your clothes

The number one rule is to wear clothes that fit. Finding clothes off the rack that fit properly can be difficult, especially when you’re looking for sales. Maybe your size has sold out, or maybe the reason why the item is on sale in the first place is because the cut is strange or unflattering.

The best approach to this issue is to tailor your clothes. Now, tailoring itself can sound expensive, but I’m here to let you in on a secret: it really isn’t. I used to be hesitant to tailor my clothes because I thought it would cost too much, but then I did some digging and found it’s actually very affordable.

One of my latest purchases was a pair of leggings during Lululemon’s huge online sale. Sale leggings were selling out within minutes, so I had to get mine when I had the chance. The issue was, the only available ones were too long. But guess what, Lululemon offers free hemming. Long story short, I snagged a great deal and made them fit at no extra cost.

2. Wear monochromatic outfits

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Wearing a monochromatic outfit is a simple way to look expensive and put together. Minimalism is a popular aesthetic among wealthier people, and monochromatic outfits fit perfectly within that aesthetic. When I wear monochromatic outfits, I stick to neutral tones like white, cream, tan, or black because they’ll stay in style season after season.

3. Keep your shoes and clothes in good condition

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Nothing can ruin the look of an outfit more than dirty, scuffed shoes or pilling clothes. Taking the time to care for your items will go a long way in making sure you look the best you can. Try a magic eraser on stained shoes or a fabric shaver for pilling clothes. And if you can, try and invest in items with quality fabric and materials right from the get-go. Investing in quality items will keep your clothes looking better for longer so that you won’t keep having to bring out the fabric shaver down the road.

Tip: on Amazon, search melamine foam or melamine sponge rather than magic eraser, it’s cheaper.


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