The Cheapest Way to Get Dr Martens

If you’ve had your eye on a pair of Dr. Martens but don’t want to spend $250, I’ve got a solution for you. You can get your hands on a pair of Dr. Martens for only $100, and that’s not even the sale price.

The solution is to shop the kid’s section. Yup, the kid’s section. This will only work if your shoe size is a women’s 8 or less. To know which kids size to get, simply subtract 2 from your regular shoe size. So, if you are a women’s size 8, you are a kid’s size 6. If you are a women’s size 7, you are a kid’s size 5. It’s that easy.

The kid’s Dr. Martens are only slightly different than the adult versions. For example, the kid’s sizes have a zipper on the inner side of the boot so that you can easily take them on and off without having to deal with all those laces. Most people won’t even notice that difference, and I see it as more of a bonus anyway.

Here’s a list I put together of some of my favourites from the kid’s section.

Dr. Martens 1460 Serena Mono from Browns$100

This particular pair of Dr. Martens doesn’t have the classic yellow stitching, but I actually prefer this monochromatic look. If you’re unsure of whether or not you can pull off the classic Dr. Martens, then this more low-key style could be a safer bet.

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Leather Combat Boots from The Bay$90

If you’re looking for the classic Dr. Martens boot, then look no further. The adult version of these boots are going for ~$200!

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Mono from Browns$90

I love that the upper part of this boot is less rigid than the others, making it the more comfortable choice for those prone to blisters.

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