PSA: The Ugg Ultra Mini’s are on Sale

Whether you’re a fan of Uggs or not, the old classic from the 2000’s is back. They’ve come out with two upgraded, shorter versions that are hugely popular: the Classic Ultra Mini and the Classic Mini II. Their return to popularity is controversial, and not everyone will be on board with its come-back, but this post is for the ones who love them because I found a place where you can get your hands on a pair of super discounted Ugg Ultra Minis.

Unfortunately, this sale is only for all you American readers out there (sorry fellow Canadians). And you also need a Costco card (start calling up your mom, grandma, or friends if you don’t have one). The Classic Ultra Mini usually goes for $140 USD, but you can get them on the Costco website for $94.99 USD right now. That’s a $45 savings. I have not seen them that cheap anywhere else. Run, don’t walk, because I already know they’re going to sell out quick.

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