How to get 20% off your Favourite Beauty Brands Even When There’s No Sale

Three times a year, I patiently wait for Sephora’s VIB sale to get 15% off my favourite beauty items. Not only is it inconvenient to wait for the sale before buying my products, by the time I’ve been granted access to the sale most of the popular items are already sold out.

But what if I told you that you can get 20% off popular beauty brands at any time of year? I’m talking once every week.

I recently found out that seniors can get 20% off just about every regular priced item every Thursday at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Shopper’s Drug Mart carries brands like Lancome, It Cosmetics, Yves Saint Laurent, Dyson, etc. Since I’m not a senior, I just bring my dad with me and am able to get the deal that way.

To use the senior’s discount on the Shopper’s Drug Mart website, you have to be 65 years old to qualify. You also need to use your PC Optimum Points Card (which is free to sign up for). Their website also says that discounts cannot exceed $50, and it cannot be used on prestige cosmetics or fragrances.

However, many physical Shopper’s Drug Mart locations have slightly different rules regarding the senior’s discount. I’ve heard of many locations allowing you to use the 20% off discount on whichever beauty product you want, including Dyson products. Some locations might even allow you to exceed the $50 discount cap. And many locations grant senior status at the age of 55.

Keep scrolling to see my top picks of what to buy using the discount.

People love this lip oil. So much so, that it is completely sold out on the Sephora website.

This colourway is a game changer for me. I’ve never been a fan of the classic pink Dyson, but this prussian blue colour is sleek and feels so much more luxurious.

I’ve always loved Lancome products. This new tinted moisturizer has been making noise in the beauty industry and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for a while.

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